Opening Options Tab Edit

Gear Icon for Options

- Moving mouse over to the bottom-right corner of the page where a Gear icon between Guide & Friends List is present, pressing it opens Options Tab.

- Pressing F8 on the keyboard opens Options Tab [Default Keybind]


- Graphic
- Audio
- Game
- Camera
- Keyboard
- Control Pad

Graphic Edit

Customize the look of your game from Graphic Tab, where you adjust numerous graphic features to suit your vision & Computer performance.
  • Minimum Specs
  • Low Specs
  • Mid Specs
  • High Specs
  • Maximum Specs
  • Background Settings

Pre-set Graphic options of Min. / Low / Mid. / High / Max. specs are present.

Manual / Custom. : Customizing Graphic options

Auto-Optimize : Adjusts Graphic options to best suit your visuals & effects while maintaining performance.

Background Settings : allows you to change the default backgrounds of Lobby / HQ / Faction / Battle rooms by uploading images.

Graphic Feature Description Options
Screen Mode The type of Screen Windowed / Full Screen
Screen Resolution The size of Screen Depends on your Screen
Filter Effect Addition of layer on Screen - GRAY 40

- GRAY 80

- GRAY 100

- SEPIA 40

- SEPIA 80

- SEPIA 100

- Disable

Edge Effect Addition of Circular layer effect around Screen - BLACK


- Disable

Anti-Aliasing Degree of smoothing edges of textures by removing Ladder Pixel Effect None / Low / Medium / High
Background Background texture quality & presence of background object Low / Medium / High
Light Quality Intensity of Light & its effect on objects Low / Medium / High
Texture Quality Focus of texture details Low / Medium / High
Effect Quality Intensity of Particles effect, Visual effects & their presence Low / Medium / High
Other Graphic Options [Toggled On/Off]

- Blur Effect : Blur the outer edges of Screen

- Brightness Trace : (?)

- Shadow : Shadow of Objects, Items or Characters

- BG Effect : Particle Effects of Backgrounds

- Hero Outlines : Outer layer of Black lines on Characters

- Map Outlines : Outer layer of Black lines on Maps

- 16-Bit Color : Reduce color contrast to 16-Bit [Improves Performance]

- CPU Animation : (?) [Improves Performance]

- Prevent Flickering While Recording

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